Reaffirming its commitment to excellence and consolidating the plan and and strategies for teaching activities, IDOR launches its Graduate Program in Medical Sciences. Natural outcome of research activities, the program supports the maturity of the Institute, which has researchers of excellence and state-of-the-art infrastructure for the development of its future scholars. The program aims to expose students to an innovative scientific environment, providing them the opportunity to work on projects at the forefront of knowledge, developing research committed to the medical practice.

IDOR researchers also work as permanent academic staff of the Morphological Sciences Program (PCM) at the Biomedical Sciences Institute of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/UFRJ, supervising masters dissertations and doctorate thesis, and coordinating research lines in neurosciences, imaging and cardiology.

They also take part, as partners and collaborators, in research lines and thesis projects in the fields of Neuropsychiatry, Internal Medicine, Radiology and Intensive Care conducted at UFRJ’s General Medicine, Psychiatry and Radiology, UERJ’s Medical Sciences, INCA’s Oncology, and FIOCRUZ’s Clinical Research graduation programs.


Include specialization, improvement, professional training, hands on, updating courses, workshops, among others. They aim to deepen knowledge and/or develop technical skills at specific knowledge fields.
Certificates are conferred.

Medical Residency is equivalent to specialization, but it’s subjected to specific legislations and regional and national coordination.

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Residency in Medicine  consists of a post graduate  medical education modality as a specialization course, characterized by in-service training on an exclusive dedication system under the supervision of professional medical specialists  with wide expertise at their corresponding fields. 

The Medical Residency at Rede D’Or São Luiz/RJ (RDSL) is active in the fields of Cardiology, Clinical Medicine, Intensive Medicine, Pediatrics and Radiology and Diagnosis by Imaging, with authorized programs by the Education and Culture Ministry (MEC) and medical associations.

The residency programs are linked to the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) in a way that besides prioritizing the students training, they promote the residents immersion into clinical research projects at their respective fields. The technology and quality of the RDSL’s hospitals allied to the vision of research and education is a strong differential for the residents and for their future insertion on the market.

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