Current IDOR Research

IDOR’s research team includes 19 senior researchers, 7 associate researchers and 14 postdocs. During their six-year-history, IDOR researchers have published important scientific papers, both in Brazil and abroad, and established partnerships with the most important and renowned research centers and universities of the world.

Investigations on Cognitive and Molecular Neuroscience.
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Intensive Care Medicine
Development of clinical studies associated to the management of critically ill patients.
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Internal Medicine
Investigation of the clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of diseases.
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IDOR’s studies in pediatrics cover different childhood illnesses.
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IDOR’s latest research field covers clinical and translational cancer research.
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Do you want to know our Lab on Social Neurosciences?

* Altruism * moral motivation * emotion * human values * social and value-based decision making *

Social Neuroscience

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